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omg_pretty's Journal

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♥ 'ello there. this is my graphic art journal, where i make pretty things 'specially for you! .. you should feel special! cause ya are, darling.

♥ i also have a graphic art community where we can all share our prettypretty work: omg_photoshop

♥ my personal journal where i keep all my secrets(!) is hercoffin (friends only, kids!)

here are some links of interest, regarding this journal:
info & rules + resources + awards

-good- music, dee aka mandolin, hot tea w/ honey, making icons & brushes, mirc 4 life, my boyfriend/theremin, nuns, obscure references, photoshop obviously, playing dumb, pretty things, reading the dictionary, screen captures, theone&only nakedicecreamconebaby, torture via melora creager, william patrick corgan, zomg bill moseley!